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Burning Horseshoe Productions is an Edinburgh & Glasgow based Film and Video Production company, providing services throughout Scotland and across the UK. With two directors and an extensive network of professional contacts we can take on projects of any scale and deliver the highest quality.

Our individual experience covers all aspects of Film and TV production and has been recognised at prestigious international events such as the Cannes International Film Festival. 

Our newest project is a feature drama called In The Darkest Hour, in co-operation with Stephen Don and Silver Sombrero Pictures in Northern Ireland. The story is based on the memoirs of Stephen's father as a WW2 intelligence-officer. It is about two Scottish soldiers behind the enemy lines, who got rid of their uniforms and made it back to Britain after fooling their Nazi interrogators by bluffing them with Scots Gaelic. It is meant to honour the Scottish heritage in a theatrical release.

The University of West of Scotland and Burning Horseshoe Productions have created a free smartphone app - Explore Edinburgh Rock 2 Rock - for locals and tourist to walk through Edinburgh’s Old Town, listen to stories about Edinburgh’s history, also answer some multiple choice questions to test their knowledge.

Engaging local artists, actors, professional game developers and sound designers, the Edinburgh guide app has been a successful co-operative project and the parties are looking to develop it to the next stage.

Explore Edinburgh Rock 2 Rock is available on GooglePlay and AppStore.

The next stage of the free smartphone app is an exciting type of gaming experience designed for both Android and iOS platforms. Whilst educating the user about historical Edinburgh it also offers unique entertainment based on augmented reality, sound effects and interaction. It will blur the boundaries between fiction and reality.

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